Tuscaloosa AL – who knew?

I’ve always loved sleeping in a tent, especially when it rains.  Last night we discovered that rain sounds just as nice on the Ollie, and we enjoyed being warm and dry, with the outside temps hovering around 40 degrees.  We managed to break camp on our own, and even got the truck hitched after several tries.  (We’re assured that this will get easier, and we hope it’s sooner rather than later.)

The Natchez Trace is a National Park Parkway that we discovered coming back from our Great River Road trip last spring.  Ollie’s home is just a few miles from the Trace, and we were able to spend 40 miles or so on this lovely byway as we made our way south to Tuscaloosa.

FullSizeRenderWe gave Muscle Shoals a nod as we drove through, but didn’t stop since we wanted to get to the campground before dark.

Deerlick Campground is run by the Corps of Engineers, and is it a beauty!  Looking forward to spending some time here before we head out tomorrow.  Tuscaloosa has been a lovely surprise with it waterways and rolling hills – a place neither one of us has ever been.


4 thoughts on “Tuscaloosa AL – who knew?

  1. Muscle Shoals is pretty rad; you can actually still see the original studio building there, which is NRHP-listed and being preserved/turned into a museum!

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