The Good Samaritans of Union Springs

We were happily on our way to an early arrival in Eufaula AL when we stopped for diesel in Union Springs.  Unfortunately, within a mile of leaving the station, we knew we were in trouble.  The next 4 1/2 hours were spent dealing with a tank full of mostly water.  Our road side service could get us to a repair shop, but they couldn’t work on it until Monday, and we need to be in Tallahassee tomorrow.


IMG_0550Suddenly 4 men appeared, and started to help.  We were hoping we could use the water separator under the hood to clear up the problem, but in the end we had to drain the whole tank.  Our heroes of the day were Randolph (pictured R), Ronald, Ron Jr. and Henry.  By 7:45pm we were on our way, thanks to these guys.

We were pretty whipped when we finally pulled into White Oak Campground, to what appears to be another beautiful Corps of Engineers park.  Final kudos go to Big Red – a lesser truck would have buckled under the circumstances, but Big Red rose to the occasion and pulled through like a champ.

2 thoughts on “The Good Samaritans of Union Springs

  1. Is there any legal action you can take against the gas station since you were only a mile away? I was so frustrated on your behalf with that kind of a situation. Glad you handled it so well with all the Rons on the highway.


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