Georgia on my mind . . .

IMG_0777Surrounded by wetlands and far from any roads, we woke this morning to nothing but birdsong and woodpeckers tapping away.  A Great Blue Heron made a close fly by, then perched like a sentinel in a tree at the edge of our campsite.  We were enthralled by its mournful sounds, wondering what messages it was sending.  At the opposite corner, a Wood Stork landed. and was soon joined by two others.  These birds are huge, measuring 44 inches with long, slightly curved beaks, and apparently making a comeback from the endangered species list.  I’m afraid my phone camera was woefully inadequate in capturing the magnificence of this bird, so take a closer look here.


3 thoughts on “Georgia on my mind . . .

  1. Just joined your blog. Great narrative and photos. Lots of “painting material”. Doing any sketching?

    Susan and I spent two nights in Savannah our way home from Florida. Only did the Historic Area. Safe travels. Ollie looks like a lot of fun.

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      1. Not sure who posted this comment, but if it’s one of our UK 95th friends, Ollie will be coming to Tucson this fall.

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