So long, Savannah

We took the Old Savannah Trolly Tour (great suggestion, Tommy), then spent some time walking around this historic  beautiful city in bloom.  Had a fabulous lunch at Belford’s (best turnip greens ever!), paid our respects to Juliette Gordon Lowe (founder of the Girl Scouts), then headed back for a quiet evening at the campground.

Life in the slow lane, taken on the road to the campground.  Our campsite is in the distant  woods on the left.  Heading to South Carolina tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “So long, Savannah

    1. We took a look inside her restaurant and decided it wasn’t for us. It was a buffet, and everything was smothered in gravy. We opted for crab cakes and turnip greens instead. >


  1. If you have time I recommend the Pinpoint Heritage Museum on Moon River just outside of Savannah,
    We loved Savannah, I would love to see it in Spring.


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