Still buzzing about the Garden…..

The Huntingtons bought four rice plantations in decline as a site to build Brookgreen Gardens.  The river is affected by the ocean tides, yet is far enough inland to not get the ocean’s salt.  The design and control of the rice fields came from West Africa and has been practiced there for, reportedly, thousands of years.

The Garden has an extensive “Lowland” section documenting a way of life and culture we barely had time to visit.  However, we did take a boat ride through hand dug canals that included over a dozen sightings of……

image.jpegOur guide had life jackets for us. A sinking boat seemed more attractive than wrestling this guy.

Emotionally spent after a long and wondrous day, we retreated to Graham’s Landing for scrumptious oysters and great views! (Thanks for the recommendation, Kate and George.)  Yes, a perfect day.

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