I Love New York!

We hitched up Ollie and headed north for a wonderful extended Memorial Day weekend with family and friends in the Finger Lakes where we lived for 25 years.  It was our first experience of “driveway camping” with Ollie – first at Russ’ cousin’s in Skaneateles, then with good friends in Honeoye.  If you’ve never been to the Finger Lakes, put it on your list.  I’ll let the photos tell you why.

Sunset from the Skaneateles dock
Skan from dock
The village of Skaneateles from the dock
Skaneateles merchants decked out for Memorial Day
Skan park 1
Clift Park on the west side of the village – there’s swimming here in the summer, but I’m here to tell you, that lake is cold!
Thayer Park
Thayer Park on the east side of the village
The beautifully restored farmhouse where Russ’ mother grew up
Ollie at Janet's
A great place to driveway camp!

On Sunday we said goodbye to Skaneateles and headed west to Honeoye where we stayed with good friends at their lovely home overlooking the Bristol Hills.  It was a  wonderful weekend, reconnecting with people and places we love, complete with a parade and a moving Memorial Day ceremony.

Ollie at B&B
Keepin’ it cool with a water balloon fight
B&B porch
Beautiful clouds rolled through all day long
Some of the parade participants
The Honeoye Gazebo

4 thoughts on “I Love New York!

  1. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful pictures! We will have to put that on our bucket list. Maybe for next year. On our way to Alaska now….. So glad you are having fun!


  2. Great to hear from you, Jona! Would love to see some photos of your journey. I’ll keep an eye out on the Oliver FB page. Give our best to Gary, Lee, and Teri. Safe travels.


  3. Truly lovely pictures. It looks so much like a fifties lifestyle with a lovely parade included. Thanks for letting us know how lovely our country is. Kate


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