We left Colorful Colorado and headed west to Utah, which is proving to be just as colorful, but in different ways.  The drive on Highway 128 from Cisco to Moab was beautiful as we followed the Colorado River into town.


Names like Horsethief Campground and Dead Horse Point State Park make for interesting tales in this part of the country, and the sunsets can’t be beat!


Yesterday was cloudy and cool (70), perfect conditions for a 4-mile hike in Dead Horse Point State Park just west of Moab. The rim trail is 2000 feet above the canyon floor and overlooks an ox bow in the Colorado River far below.


Canyonlands Island in the Sky section is just down the road from Dead Horse, so after our hike, we drove to several of their scenic overlooks before the fierce canyon winds sent us back to the campsite.


Despite an overcast day, we were once again treated to a spectacular sunset.


6 thoughts on “Happy Campers

  1. Canyon rim pics: Russ hanging on to his hat, Janie’s hair plastered to her head — yeah, we can “see” the wind up there. Great days for you guys – enjoy!

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