For a place that wasn’t even on our radar, we found The Needles of Canyonlands hard to leave.  We spent four days hiking the canyons and rock formations, and our evenings at Ranger talks and gazing skyward – all exceeded expectations.  In the end, it was the need to restock our provisions and do our laundry that pushed us on to our next destination.

It’s hard to capture this place in photos, but these next two will give you a better perspective.

Can you spot me in this photo?
Three hikers playing on the rocks






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11 thoughts on “The Needles of Canyonlands – Part 2

  1. I got such a kick out of your post. I was getting worried when I saw no posts for a few days. Glad to see you guys enjoyed the Needles. You got to see a lot more than we did so we need to go back now!! Miss you both. Enjoy!! XOXO

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    1. More than once we were wishing we had your jeep! Our truck has 4-wheel drive, but there’s a lot of technical driving that requires a short wheel base. Looking forward to hearing about your next trip here! Janie


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