Lady Luck was with us as we arrived at the Bisti Badlands  a day earlier than planned.  Rain was in the forecast for later that night and the following day, so we set out on a hike despite an ominous cloud lurking in the west.


The clouds kept us cool as we wandered in this trailless wilderness of hauntingly beautiful mounds, rocks and hoodoos.  The ground was almost sponge-like, making me think more than once about taking off my boots.

Petrified wood and wood chips
Petrified log and hoo-doos


 “Cracked Eggs”
This rock reminded me of the Finger Lakes in New York

As promised, the rains came hard later that night, and continued this morning.  We were grateful that our neighbors, who had pitched their tent on dry dirt, were able to break camp and get out of without getting stuck!





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