Today Sue took us into the Jemez Mountains, northwest of Albuquerque.  There are several pueblos along the way, but the most predominant one is the Jemez Pueblo with about 3500 inhabitants.  They are a non-gaming community, so their way of life involves commuting, farming, arts and crafts, and harvesting the natural resources on their 88,000 acres.  There were signs along the road that said “No photographs, no videos, no tourists, etc.”  I resisted taking a photo of the sign, but took this one at the Visitors Center.


It’s easy to see why they consider the surrounding Jemez Mountains sacred.


Just down the road is the charming village of Jemez Springs, where we had lunch in a quaint little restaurant called  Jemez Stage Stop.  We had a good lunch, despite the quirky service, and their being out of tomatoes, cheddar cheese, Coke, corn tortillas, and fish.


We bought some local honey, wishing we had room for some just-strung chili peppers.

Jemez Springs is also home to natural mineral hot springs, which we’ll save for another visit. This is a place we definitely want to come back to!

Tonight is our last night driveway camping in Sue and Linda’s beautiful ranchero, nestled next to the Sandia Mountains just north of Albuquerque.




5 thoughts on “Jemez Mountains – New Mexico

  1. Your pictures are beautiful –enjoy everyone–especially your home on wheels , You must enjoy living with your home away from home. Have a safe and marvelous trip/ Thanks again!

    –Mary Toomey

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