Running on empty in West Texas

We were 20 miles outside of Del Rio, on our way to the Texas Hill Country, when we noticed we were low on gas.  We passed through the Border Patrol station (our 4th or 5th since we hit west Texas) and asked if there was a gas station ahead.  Without any assurances, we pressed on to Rocksprings, hoping for the best. We drove 70 miles with hardly another vehicle in sight, and nothing but pastures by the side of the road. Spotty cell phone service didn’t offer any AAA guarantees, but we had David’s foldable bike in the back of the pickup as backup. Nothing like cutting it close!fullsizerender-1


Miles to the nearest gas station shown on our Garmin
Not bad for a 36 gallon tank!

6 thoughts on “Running on empty in West Texas

  1. You did good (sic)! We learned our lesson (I hope!) when “we” decided to not fuel up as we approached Sonoma and Marin Counties. Bad decision. We ran on fumes for an uncomfortable fifteen minutes. A Shell Station popped up just when we needed it. This couldn’t happen now, could it😅, with all these information devices at hand. High praise for GPS and SmartPhones!

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