In 1971, when Russ was in pilot training in Big Spring TX, we became friends with our landlord’s 5th grade daughter, Marka.  All these years later, we’re still friends and we always try to stop by when we’re “in the neighborhood.”  She and her family are sheep and goat ranchers, first in west Texas and now in Tishomingo OK.  It’s always a treat to spend time with them, where ropin’ is a daily activity and the barn is covered with tools of the trade.

Last night after dinner, they turned on the lights to their outdoor arena, and practiced team roping for a couple of hours in the cool Oklahoma evening.

Clay saddling up
Marka getting her horse, Goose, prepped
The roping cattle dutifully lined up.  Their horns are protected with a fleece lined wrap.
Marka takes off after the steer, with son Trey soon to follow.  She ropes the horns, and Trey snags the two hind legs.  They quickly drop their ropes so as not to injure the animals.
Marka and Clay in action
It’s always fun to see the Border Collies at work.  
Dinner at Fish Tales with son Trey and his wife, Julie, and friend Jennifer


7 thoughts on “Home on the Range

  1. Dez is enjoying the photos and travelogue so much he asked for Travels with Ollie to be a permitted site on his computer. He spent over an hour yesterday reading old blog posts and shouting out, MOM, DID YOU READ ABOUT X, Y, Z??, yelping with glee, and making a family travel list…

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    1. So happy to hear this, Sharon! It’s been one great experience after another, and we love hearing that Dez is getting the travel bug. It’s a wonderful world we live in!


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