Livingston TX

Last summer we attended a wonderful RV rally of the Escapees camping club in Burlington VT.  Livingston TX is their headquarters, which includes a huge RV park that even has an assisted living section. Having spent most of last week camping in the luxuriously natural state parks, we just couldn’t get excited about wall to wall RVs, despite all the amenities.

Today we spent the morning at nearby Lake Livingston State Park, where a mile long boardwalk saved us from the muddy trails. It’s been raining a lot, and more is in the forecast, but Ollie is keeping us warm, dry, and happy.



We’ll be here one more night before heading down to the Gulf coast, where we’ll meet up with Russ’ sister Nancy, and her Belgian friend Griet for a few days. Judging from our connectivity this past week, this sign aptly describes when we’ll post again.


6 thoughts on “Livingston TX

  1. One of my favorite photographers, Keith Carter of Beaumont, TX, published a book of lyrical photographs called “From Uncertain to Blue” about the travels he and his wife took on the back roads of Texas.

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