Village Creek State Park, Wynn AR

We blew through Kentucky, stopping only for a nice visit with Russ’ favorite boss and a quick overnight in nearby Grand Rivers. We gave a nod to Memphis as we passed by, having spent several days there on our Great River Road trip, and crossed the Mississippi River into Arkansas.

Our 4-year old grandson, Evan, is following our trip on a map that’s hanging in his room.  He requested a photo of a bridge, and so far this is the best we can do.  We were crossing the Mississippi, with Memphis in the background.


If you’re ever in Brownsville TN, Helen’s has some of the best BBQ in the state.  Here she is, asking us to sign her guest book.


The campground we had chosen got great reviews, but we took one look at it and said no thanks, then headed to a Village Creek State Park 13 miles north. WINNING! Our site was next to 3 archeologists who had been camping there in tents since October. (We were happy to have our heater as the temps dipped into the low 40’s.)

The next morning, we went for a 2 hour hike up on Crowley’s Ridge within the park. No other humans crossed our path, but birds filled the air with constant chatter of spring. Beauty lies deep in forest places, and these woods did not disappoint.


Find of the day:  We spied this unusual animal track, later identified as a mountain lion.
The Ents of Mardis Gras


Ollie as seen from the trail

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