Matagorda Bay Nature Park


We’ve made our way to the Gulf Coast of Texas, and have spent two nights at Matagorda Bay Nature Park, where bird watching is rivaled only by fishing.

Flocks of White Pelicans (5 feet tall with a wingspan of 110 inches) and Roseate Spoonbills buzzed by our campsite in the early morning, and diving ducks, egrets and various shorebirds were always close at hand. Even closer at hand were ferocious mosquitos, whose numbers made it impossible to eat outside.

Nancy and Griet joined us for a morning bird walk out on the river jetty, and we gamely made our way over to the pier amid the pounding surf.



IMG_6496The afternoon was spent exploring the surrounding area, especially enjoying the town of Palacios, the shrimping capitol of Texas where over 400 shrimp boats come home to port.

We’re not fishermen, but were lucky enough to camp next to Chris, an avid angler who sold us some of his fresh caught Cobia (also known as Ling), a large off shore fish that he nabbed with a spear.  The ocean has been quite volatile during our visit, and the Fisherman’s Memorial with its blue glass moat was a moving reminder of the dangers of the sea.



9 thoughts on “Matagorda Bay Nature Park

  1. Just read Eric Larson’s book, Isaac’s Storm, and wondering if you are near Galveston. Guess I could look it up! What great adventures you have. I travel vicariously. pat

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