Brownsville TX

We spent a wonderful  weekend in Brownsville TX  with a 95th Bomb Group friend and his family.   Phil, who serves as the Foundation’s historian,  gave us a tour of the UT campus, and a concise but comprehensive history of the Brownsville area.   History Lesson

The bridge to Matamoros, Mexico can be seen behind the wall that our country has erected here.  Though I’m smiling in this photo, this wall makes me really sad.


Brownsville is also home to Resaca de la Palma State Park, one of the nine sites of the World Birding Center located along a 120 mile stretch in the Rio Grande Valley.  Resacas were once tributaries of the Rio Grande River that have naturally been cut off, forming small lakes. They are generally managed water supplies, often used for irrigation.  The one at Resaca de la Palma State Park was undergoing repair, so not much water or wildlife to be seen on this trip.  We’ll be back!

One thought on “Brownsville TX

  1. Hi Janie, So nice to see you in a photo and in a lovely dress! not possible to “jump that fence”. it is sad. So daunting and forbidding and unfriendly. ironic that a bridge is visible behind you. a connector. your tour of state parks is enlightening for me. M.A.


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