The Rio Grande Valley

Falcon Lake State Park, where we’re camping.

While we’re armchair birders at best, we were lured to the Rio Grande Valley as a premier birding mecca. We’re adding lots of newcomers to our “life lists” and learning a lot about the trials and tribulations of migrating birds.


Hard core birders have scopes they are willing to share with us novices, and often telephoto camera lenses to record their finds.

John is a volunteer who mans the Hawk Tower and counts the raptors that pass by during March and April. Yesterday he recorded 4,000+ birds during his morning watch.

Bentson-Rio Grande Valley State Park is headquarters for the World Birding Center, and provides feeding stations for those of us who have inexpensive binoculars and iPhone cameras.

This photo doesn’t do the Green Jay justice – worth looking up if you’re into birds.
Gold-fronted Woodpecker
Altamira Oriole and Green Jay taking a bath
The Plain Chachalaca measures 22″ and is found only along the Rio Grande in the US.

The Smoking Oak serves up delicious brisket in Mercedes TX. Russ was a happy camper!

For our friends and family back on the east coast who are expecting a winter storm tonight, we’d like to offer a taste of spring that’s on it’s way. This is the Texas Olive Tree in bloom.


6 thoughts on “The Rio Grande Valley

  1. Thank you for the Fantastic bird photographs. Back here in chilling cold York we have our own reminder of spring, the brown and Frozen buds from the cherry trees that we will not see in pink anymore.😥😥😥

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  2. Chuck and I are enjoying reading about your travels. We did a similar trip last winter. Keep them coming. We’ve been birding New Mexico, Arizona, and now California, near the salton sea.

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  3. Thanks for the breath of spring, tonite I was out harvesting the daffodils that are up and blooming saving them from the snow blanket that had started. They look beautiful on my table.

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