The Rio Grande Valley – Part 2

The Mexican  presence is alive and well in the Rio Grande Valley, and English is definitely the second language here. Russ traveled to Mexico quite a bit during his working days, and found the people warm, welcoming, and very family oriented. Many campgrounds are filled with “las familias” and they have always been good camping neighbors.  Yesterday I was quite taken by a graveyard in Roma TX that exemplifies the colorful culture that permeates this area.

This morning we woke up in Falcon State Park, and made an early morning birding excursion just down the road to Salineno.  We added Audubon’s Warbler and Ladder-backed Woodpecker to our lists, and enjoyed the company of the site host, Merle.



Our plan was to keep going west to Laredo before turning north toward the Hill Country and the bluebonnets.  But we’ve been so taken with birding and with numerous recommendations of great birding places, we decided to do an about face, and headed east instead. This afternoon found us at Estero Llano Grande State Park, another one of the nine World Birding Center sites, and one of Texas’ finest state parks.

View of Ibis Pond from the Visitor’s Center
Alligator Lake (and yes, they grow them big here in Texas!)
Can you find the Common Pauraque in this photo? Found only in this part of the country, it roosts on the ground in brushy woods.We were lucky to have this one pointed out to us by fellow birders on the trail.

4 thoughts on “The Rio Grande Valley – Part 2

  1. just enjoying your photos of the cemetery. What an affirmation of Life! the flowers do stun the eye. I presume they are “everblooming”? so happy to receive these photos. places I may not see in my lifetime. wishing you more happy trails.


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