Rio Grande Valley – Part 3

I took several photos of the Common Pauraque yesterday, and posted the only one where I could actually see the bird.  Several of you have asked for help in finding it, so here it is, with it’s head on the left and tail to the right.Pauraque with circleWe were so enamored with Estero Llano Grande State Park that we went there again this morning for a guided  bird walk. It was wonderful having someone who could identify every bird by sight and call, and patiently wait while we took turns peering through his scope.


Nana’s Taqueria’s was a great place for lunch. Since this is what our grandchildren call me, we couldn’t pass it up.

We spent a lovely afternoon at yet another World Birding site, the Edinburg Scenic Wetland Trails, where preparations were underway for a Fairy Festival this weekend.

One of the prettiest birds we saw today was Aliyah, a great addition to this beautiful place.


8 thoughts on “Rio Grande Valley – Part 3

  1. 😀 Awe, thank you! She is indeed a pretty bird. I have snooped around in your blog and love it! You make it easy to “travel with you” with your stories and photographs. It was great meeting you guys today. 😀

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    1. I wanted to also give a back story in this dress….I don’t know why I didn’t think to tell you that the dress was actually a 15th birthday dress ove 20 years ago! It belonged to my cousin and I found it saved at my mom’s house last year. So today was just a nice day to finally photograph it . 😀

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      1. Thanks for sharing this story of the Quienceanera Celebration dress – what a lovely coming-of-age tradition, and how nice that Aliyah was wearing her cousin’s special dress that day!


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