San Antonio Museum of Art

We’ve spent a lovely weekend in beautiful San Antonio, where the amazing River Walk turns an ordinary city into a beguiling tourist mecca.

riverwalk with bridge

Yesterday we took a 20 minute bus ride from our campground to downtown, then walked along the river for a couple of miles to the San Antonio Museum of Art. There we met up with another 95th friend, Margaret, whose expertise as a professional in the art world always lends a rich layer to a stroll through any collection.

Me and Margaret

Housed in the former Lone Star Brewery complex, the museum retains many of the original architectural features while incorporating modern innovations in its design – even its elevator is beautiful to behold!


Their collections of ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman art were impressive, and their Asian art collection was a WOW! (Click on individual photos if you’d like to see a larger version.)

I was surprised to see a sand mandala on display, since the Tibetan tradition is to pour it into a river after completion, symbolizing impermanence. His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama granted permission for this one to remain intact, “as a gesture to promote peace and harmony.” The San Antonio Museum of Art is one of four museums in the US to display a sand mandala.


Speaking of impermanence, it was interesting to see these maps that depict the ancient Roman (A.D. 98 – 117) and Islamic worlds (700 – 1800 A.D).



We decided to dodge the St. Patrick’s Day crowds, and opted for a quiet dinner of shrimp and grits at our campsite.

shrimp and grits




11 thoughts on “San Antonio Museum of Art

  1. We are so pleased to read that you got to enjoy a visit to the best city in Texas. We have family near San Antonio, in La Vernia, so we are fortunate to be able to visit San Antonio at least once a year. I suppose you will be heading north now, although you can’t really make a bad move from where you are! ✰

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