Bluebonnets, Blanco, and LBJ

Bluebonnets 3

We left San Antonio planning to spend a few nights at Guadalupe River State Park, but hoards of people enjoying the river prompted us to press on to the smaller, quieter Blanco State Park. A hiking/biking path connects the park to the nearby tiny and idyllic town square centered around the courthouse. Russ enjoyed a leisurely dip in the river before we hopped on our bikes to explore the area.

Our campsite, as seen by the neighboring cows

Lyndon Baines Johnson was idealistic, persuasive, driven, and complicated. He never lost his love for the beautiful country beside the Pedernales River that he called home. I remember having mixed feelings about him when he was president – so proud of his vision of the “Great Society”, and devastated by the misguided choices he made regarding the Viet Nam war.  He and Lady Bird donated “The Texas White House” to the American people in 1972, and Lady Bird continued to live there until her death in 2007. It was sobering to see the list of LBJ’s accomplishments, knowing that so many of them are currently on the chopping block.

Treaty tree
LBJ met with Cabinet members and heads of state under this Live Oak tree in his front yard.

One of LBJ’s best choices was marrying Lady Bird, an environmental activist before it was en vogue, with a passion for wildflowers. Springtime in the Hill Country must have been one of her favorite times.

Indian Paint Brush are also in bloom, and are often interspersed with the bluebonnets.

We couldn’t pass up the Bluebonnet Café for lunch where we shared a table with Nancy and Linda who were headed to the Rio Grande Valley on a birding expedition, and Lynett who was on an annual memorial drive from Austin, in honor of a friend.





10 thoughts on “Bluebonnets, Blanco, and LBJ

  1. Oh the bluebonnets were worth it weren’t they? I’m so glad you two are having this beautiful and peaceful time together such a blessing

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  2. Hi, Janie. It was so wonderful meeting you and Russ today! I’m going to borrow the picture you took and post to Twitter, if that’s alright? May I use the pictures of you and Russ as well?

    Feel free to give me a shout when you’re in Austin!

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    1. Hi Lynett ~ It’s fine to use the photos, and so much fun having lunch with you, Nancy and Linda! We could only get one night at McKinney Falls State Park, so our visit will be short. Will probably follow your lead and go to the Elizabet Nay Museum on Thursday, and the Lady Bird Wildflower Center on Friday before heading east.


      1. Janie – sounds like a good plan! Tyson Tacos is near Elizabet Ney and very good. For breakfast tacos & coffee, try Houndstooth Coffee and Taco Deli on North Lamar. You can take tacos into the coffee shop and vice versa. Another must do Austin place is Torchy’s Tacos, great for lunch or dinner. Get the queso! Hope you have a great time in town! Did you check Emma Long Park for vacancies?


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