Louisiana – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


There’s a price we pay for the luxuries oil and gas bring to our lives, and it’s very visible here on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. The Gulf itself is brown, not blue, and industry outcroppings are around every bend. 75% of the spill that gushed for 3 months after the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010 still lies on the ocean floor. Eleven people lost their lives in that explosion. While the Gulf is amazingly resilient, the long-term environmental effects won’t be known for decades.

Despite all that, nature preserves are just a few miles away, and the beauty of the bayou flourishes.



2 thoughts on “Louisiana – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

  1. I appreciate your concern for the environment Janie. The reason the Gulf is brown is because it’s March, our windy month, when cold fronts are coming through one after the other. Some people died in the Deepwater Horizon disaster and lessons were learned. They were predicting that it would be the end of tourism for Florida’s Gulf side, didn’t happen and cleanup was swift. Red fishing along the Texas and Louisiana coast is better than ever.

    Sure there is industry in Texas, that’s where our refineries are located. Without that oil, our country would come to a standstill, game over! It’s that same oil that you and Russ are putting in your big diesel truck to travel around the US.

    Hundreds of innocent people are forever infected with lead poisoning from drinking, safe water, near Detroit. These include innocent children who’s brains will never fully develop because of the sloppy and criminal attitudes of local politicians and managers. This is something we CAN prevent without making the world come to a halt. These people were completely unaware of the danger they were in, unlike the oil workers who are fully aware of the dangerous jobs that they have and are well paid for that danger.

    Thousands of innocent Americans have been killed and maimed over the last decade by Muslims who want nothing but to see our way of life disappear. Knowing this, politicians are still in favor of letting unvetted refugees from enemy countries into the US by the tens of thousands. Half of the Democrats are for open borders and want to allow anyone who can walk, crawl or otherwise get into the US to ‘come on in’.

    In the airline industry, our rules and procedures are mostly written in blood. That’s because with each disaster we learn and make changes…, but we don’t do away with air travel.

    Just my two cents. It looks like you guys are making good use of the Oliver.

    Happy travels,


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