Winnie TX – A Fond Farewell

We’ve spent three wonderful weeks in Texas, and hate to say good-bye. Route 71 took us out of Austin, treating us to a wildflower extravaganza along its shoulders and medians. The pouring rain kept us from stopping to take a photograph.

Our last night in Texas was full of sweet surprises as we camped at Winnie Stowell County Park. First of all, the price was right (free!) and within walking distance to a nearby grocery. On the way home, we stopped at a private garden that the public was welcome to enjoy.


Garden 1

Pockets of activity were happening all over the park, all while the Texas winds blew hard and long. I especially enjoyed the comings and goings at the horse arena. America on Friday night in Winnie TX – life is good!


Cowgirl in training – Jada riding Lori
Lily and Scarlett
Lily and her horse Scarlett

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