NOLA – The French Quarter

We couldn’t leave New Orleans without a visit to the French Quarter, so we hopped on the Algiers Ferry ($1 for Sr. Citizens) and took a 6 minute trip across the Mississippi.

We opted for a 2 hour walking tour with the historical society, but for me, it was too much information.  I bailed after an hour to do some walking on my own, and met up with Russ when the tour was over.


MONUMENT TO THE IMMIGRANT by Franco Alessandrini.  “Dedicated to the courageous men and women who left their homeland seeking freedom, opportunity, and a better life in a new country.”  March 19, 1995
Jackson Square
Drago’s charbroiled oysters – we each got a dozen and called it lunch.  Best oysters ever!


Because New Orleans is practically a floating city (our guide told us it has more canals than Venice, but they’re all underground), burials are done above ground.  We walked up to Saint Louis Cemetery to pay our respects, but found out it would cost $20 each if we went to Saint Louis Cemetery #1 (the oldest and most famous, dating back to 1789).  We opted for Saint Louis Cemetery #2 a few blocks away, dating to the 1820’s and free.

For those of you who missed Mardi Gras, we stumbled across a storage lot on our way to the library. Let the good times roll!

3 thoughts on “NOLA – The French Quarter

  1. We had a holiday in Louisiana several years ago to take in the Cajun music scene which we thoroughly enjoyed and went on to spend a week in New Orleans to experience the vibrant lifestyle there, the big joy to me apart from all the usual things in the French Quarter etc was sitting on the kerb in Jackson Square when a scratch band slowly assembled and played some of the most amazing Dixieland jazz which I was brought up on during the 50s, must do it again sometime!!!

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    1. So good to hear from you Eric! The 95th will be here in October. Should be a great reunion – the World War II museum is terrific, though we didn’t go this trip. We’ll see you in a few weeks. Janie

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