Acadia National Park

Our drive around Acadia’s Park Loop Road was embellished with frequent stops to walk and gawk.  This park is filled with great trails, great views, and loads of people. The rocky coast gives way to the Gulf of Maine’s icy waters (+- 50º) – the place where lobsters love to call home, at least for now.  For reasons that aren’t yet understood, the Gulf of Maine is warming and there’s a fear that the lobster will move north in search of cooler waters.  But today, the Bay was full of lobster traps, the sun was shining on Cadillac Mountain, , and Jordan Pond House was just the right place for a leisurely lunch.

Rocky coast.jpg
The granite shores of Acadia National Park
Cadillac Mountain.jpg
Cadillac Mountain
Jordan Pond
Jordan Pond

Somes Sound Fjard.jpg

Somes Sound is the only fjard (a smaller version of a fjord) in the lower 48 states.  Carved by glaciers and bisecting Mt. Desert Island, it measures 175 feet at it deepest point.

Making our way north

I’ve been a member or York Art Association in PA for many years, so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit the York ME version.  They were busy hanging an exhibition, but took the time to give us a warm welcome and show us the facilities.  If you’re ever in the area, be sure to stop in – it’s a beautiful town and lovely gallery.

From there it was on to LL Bean, the iconic retailer that started out in the basement of an apparel shop in 1911 and has morphed into a mammoth shopping extravaganza. They’ve taken branding to a new level, with LL Bean painted, stamped, and embroidered on almost everything in the store. Who knew that all this would emerge when a Maine hunter came home with cold, wet feet and decided to combine leather uppers with a rubber bottom boot to create the Maine Hunting Shoe®.Bean  boot.JPG

Tonight we christened our Maine trip with dinner at Stewman’s Lobster Pound in Bar Harbor, The town was packed with tourists, but the harbor was beautiful AND we had our first moose sighting!

Bar Harbor.JPG


Heading North

We left the interstates for quieter Vermont byways as we traveled north toward Maine and the Bay of Fundy. The Green Mountains are still green in late August, with hardly a hint of the spectacle that’s to come.  We hope to catch the show on our way back through in a few weeks.

Saddleback Campground, Northwood NH

A week ago we were in Charleston with 95º heat and oppressive humidity .  This afternoon, as we sit on our “porch” here in New Hampshire, the air is clear and crisp at 68º.  A perfect summer day, as far as I’m concerned!

FullSizeRender 2.jpg


Countless weather consultations didn’t provide a definitive choice for eclipse viewing, so we finally chose Charleston. Our consolation prize, should the weather not cooperate, would be getting to spend time with three good friends who now call Charleston home. 

Russ joined us Sunday evening, after a weekend of kayaking in western Pennsylvania. We had decided to view the eclipse at Old Santee Canal Park where the local astronomy club had telescopes set up for public viewing. There was quite a buzz in the air as the sun flirted with us in the morning sky. 

The first 45 minutes of the eclipse were thrilling as the moon slipped over the sun on the upper right hand side. But clouds started rolling in fast, and one of the predicted scattered thunderstorms stole the moon’s thunder as it eclipsed the whole show. Still, we were happy to be together as darkness filled the air. 
And as we drove back to our campsite – rain.  Not the day that we had hoped for, but one we will remember. April 8, 2024 is already on my calendar

North Carolina Stopover

We’ve spent two nights in NC enjoying a visit with my sister and her husband. Connor loved playing with Jo Jo, while Nancy and I cooled off in their pool. Weather is looking iffy for Charleston on Monday, so we’ve made alternative reservations near Greenville SC where it looks more promising. We’ll make the final decision tomorrow morning.

Looking Up

Nancy gave us the perfect send off as we’re off to see the total eclipse of the sun, our closest star.  Yesterday I hitched up Ollie and picked up grandson Connor. Today the three of us are  heading south to Charleston SC where Russ will join us on Sunday.