Countless weather consultations didn’t provide a definitive choice for eclipse viewing, so we finally chose Charleston. Our consolation prize, should the weather not cooperate, would be getting to spend time with three good friends who now call Charleston home. 

Russ joined us Sunday evening, after a weekend of kayaking in western Pennsylvania. We had decided to view the eclipse at Old Santee Canal Park where the local astronomy club had telescopes set up for public viewing. There was quite a buzz in the air as the sun flirted with us in the morning sky. 

The first 45 minutes of the eclipse were thrilling as the moon slipped over the sun on the upper right hand side. But clouds started rolling in fast, and one of the predicted scattered thunderstorms stole the moon’s thunder as it eclipsed the whole show. Still, we were happy to be together as darkness filled the air. 
And as we drove back to our campsite – rain.  Not the day that we had hoped for, but one we will remember. April 8, 2024 is already on my calendar

2 thoughts on “Greenville/Charlestown?

  1. Thought about you as we watched Al Roker and gang on the deck of the Enterprise at Patriot’s Point. I assumed that you were in Greenville.


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