Acadia National Park

Our drive around Acadia’s Park Loop Road was embellished with frequent stops to walk and gawk.  This park is filled with great trails, great views, and loads of people. The rocky coast gives way to the Gulf of Maine’s icy waters (+- 50º) – the place where lobsters love to call home, at least for now.  For reasons that aren’t yet understood, the Gulf of Maine is warming and there’s a fear that the lobster will move north in search of cooler waters.  But today, the Bay was full of lobster traps, the sun was shining on Cadillac Mountain, , and Jordan Pond House was just the right place for a leisurely lunch.

Rocky coast.jpg
The granite shores of Acadia National Park
Cadillac Mountain.jpg
Cadillac Mountain
Jordan Pond
Jordan Pond

Somes Sound Fjard.jpg

Somes Sound is the only fjard (a smaller version of a fjord) in the lower 48 states.  Carved by glaciers and bisecting Mt. Desert Island, it measures 175 feet at it deepest point.

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