Campobello Island

When he was just a year old, FDR’s parents started spending summers on Campobello Island at the south end of Canada’s Bay of Fundy. For the rest of his life, his “beloved island” would be a place both he and Eleanor would return to again and again. For FDR, those days would end when he was carried from the island on a stretcher after being stricken with polio in 1921.


In 1964, Roosevelt Campobello International Park was established as a symbol of the friendship between the US and Canada. The Visitors Center highlights three significant events that exemplify the deep bonds forged by our two countries.

  • The 1917 explosion in Halifax Nova Scotia is considered the worst non-nuclear explosion in history. Americans, and especially the people of Boston, sent significant aid, including supplies, disaster experts, and medical personnel.
  • For 79 days during the 1979 hostage crisis in Teheran, six Americans who escaped found refuge at the residences of the Canadian Ambassador and another Canadian diplomat.
  • When the US closed its airspace on September 11, 2001, planes were diverted to Canada. From Newfoundland to Vancouver, 33,000 stranded passengers were cared for by Canadians.
Visitors are greeted with a welcoming spray of color backed by one of my favorite flowers, Morning Glories
Tea House
“Tea With Eleanor” is served three times a day at Wells-Shober Cottage, sweetened with highlights of the remarkable life – and life choices – of this extraordinary woman.

As I looked out over the tranquil waters near our campsite at Herring Cove, I couldn’t help but remember the hurricane victims whose lives have been flooded with turmoil and tragedy this past week. Our thoughts are with them during these difficult days, and with all who have come to their aid. I’m sure some of our neighbors from the north and south are among those that are there to help

Herring Cove


15 thoughts on “Campobello Island

  1. I am enjoying your photos and commentary so much. Thank you. I love morning glories too.
    I have never been to Campobello, so I feel lucky to visit there with you.

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    1. Thank you for commenting Mike and Gerri! I checked out your blog, and see that you’re fellow Oliver owners – AND that you’re doing it full time! Looks like you’ve been to some places we’d like to go. Hope our paths cross one of these days.


  2. A stunning entry, packed with interesting information. Thank you, Janie! You’re taking a trip that I have always wanted to take to an interesting region of North America. I doubt that I will make that trip now so I’m really enjoying your posts. We wish you safe travel and many more incredible days.

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