Peggy’s Cove

Nova Scotia
Ollie in Nova Scotia

One of the places that kept popping up when we talked of going to Nova Scotia was the tiny fishing village of Peggy’s Cove, whose population peaked around 300 at the turn of the century, but now is said to be 35.  That, of course, doesn’t include the tourists, who come in buses to see this wondrous place where mammoth boulders meet the crashing sea. The star of the show is Peggy’s Point Lighthouse (one of 160 in Nova Scotia) built in 1868 and still in use. Thankfully Peggy’s Cove has been declared a preservation area, and development is prohibited.

Houses at PC

Russ on rocks at PC
Russ on the rocks
Nancy by the sea
Nancy by the sea

The Mighty Sea

3 thoughts on “Peggy’s Cove

  1. Looks like a wonderful trip, Janie and Russ! You’ve captured the essence of Peggy’s Cove and brought memories back to us from our RV trip to NS.


  2. Wonderful memories. Know you’re loving beautiful Nova Scotia! We had brunch at Peggy,s Cove and couldn’t get Bloody Mary,s until noon! We survived!😜


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