Cape Breton Island

With words like hazy and light rain in the forecast, we decided to hit the 185-mile Cabot Trail while the sun was still shining. Well, at least it was shining when we left our campsite.


One thing we’ve noticed and appreciated in our US National Parks is the conditions of the roads. Many have recently been resurfaced, and are a pleasure to drive.  I’m afraid we can’t say the same for the roads here. There was quite a bit of construction, and the parts that weren’t under construction needed to be. We were happy that Ollie was safely tucked away in a campsite near Baddeck.

Road Construction

The Cabot Trail is known for it’s beautiful vistas, and we got some very nice looks along the way. To the east of Cape Breton lies the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west, the Gulf of St Lawrence.

East side

View from White Point

And we met some interesting people, like Barbara Longva of Sew Inclined who designs and makes amazing hats.

At the end of the day, the sun reappeared long enough to splash some colors across the Gulf of St. Lawrence skies. (If you’d like to see a larger version, just click on the photo.)


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