I’ve always envisioned Yarmouth as a bustling port city, so was surprised to find it’s essentially a one street town.

Downtown Yarmouth

Nancy had a plane to catch in Portland, so we put her on the 8 a.m. high speed ferry for the 5½ hour crossing.

Nancy at Terminal

Russ and I drove out of town, hoping to find a strategic place to see her leave port and hit the open sea. A dirt road led to a footpath to what we think is the Bunker Island lighthouse. Perfect timing and perfect location!

Ferry 1

CAT and Lighthouse

Out to sea

We turned our sights north toward Cape Breton Island, stopping for a restful overnight at Dollar Lake Provencial Park along the way. Love the small island, complete with picnic table, next to the swimming beach.

Dollar Lake Provencial Park



5 thoughts on “Yarmouth

  1. Dear Janie

    I hope the travel with Nancy was joyful. I really enjoyed the pictures of the travels you did together. Most amazing. Enjoy the further travel now with the two of you. I’m looking forward for the pictures.


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