Katahdin – Russ’ version

1st look at Katahdin
First look at Katahdin
6 a.m. line
6 a.m. the next morning

After leaving Janie at Chimney Pond, I had 2353 feet of elevation gain in 2.2 miles to the summit and 5 hours to make the round trip. Sounded doable. With no sit down breaks, sipping water from my camel-back and only 20 minutes celebrating at the summit, it just barely happened. Rock scrambling, loose rock on steep slide areas made progress, at times, painfully slow, knowing we had to get off the mountain before full darkness.

Saddle Trail
Looking back on Janie’s campsite from the top of the Saddle slide. This leg alone took an hour and 40 minutes, and it wasn’t much faster going down.
Russ at the top
At the top of Baxter Peak, northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail, fulfilling a long time ambition of mine.
Knife Edge
View of the infamous Knife Edge

Scale of Katahdin


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