Sally, the dreamer

Sally and Bill

Sally and I have been friends since 1975 when we both worked at the local newspaper in Skaneateles NY. She and Bill now call Maine home, and today they treated us to lobster at their favorite haunt. Broad Cove Marine Service is a wharf where you buy the cooked lobster, but bring the rest in your picnic basket.

Broad Cove Marine Service (BCMS)

With Sally and friends
Their daughter, Heather and her son Nate joined us for the best lobster we’ve ever tasted.

View of the Bay

Sorting lobsters
While we were there, a lobster boat arrived and we watched them sort and unload.
Lobsters up close
I was struck by the wonderful colors of these amazing creatures.

We’re not ashamed to admit that following our leisurely lobster lunch with Sally et al, we went directly to a lobster dinner sponsored by our campground owners.

Lobster setup (1)

Russ cooking


This past year Sally has taken to writing poetry and is currently working on her second volume.  Opus 89 is her latest offering:

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 9.42.59 PM


8 thoughts on “Sally, the dreamer

  1. Really enjoyed this post. What campground and where? We’ll be doing the Canadian maritimes again next year, as we unfortunately had to cancel our trip and reservations this year. Looks like you’ve really had a nice time and found some interesting places!

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