Lee and Mike

Yesterday we met our friend Lee in a coffee shop in Damariscotta before attending the Unitarian service just around the corner. The topic, “Toward a New Understanding of Being Male” was thoughtful and thought provoking.

Lee and Mike
One of the nicest things about traveling is being able to spend time with friends we don’t often see.

Lee’s imaginative artwork fills their home that’s perched over an art gallery and overlooks the bay.

The Gardens
The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens offered acres of beautiful and varied landscapes to explore.


Guests are invited to remove their shoes and walk the Reflexology Labyrinth
Children's Garden
Lee playing in the Children’s Garden

J & R


Stone wall
New England is a land with plenty of rocks, thanks to the retreating glaciers thousands of years ago. Settlers cleared the land for pastures and fields, leaving 240,000 miles of stone walls scattered throughout New England – about the same distance from the earth to the moon! This wall is probably 200 years old.
Fog Moving In
As we headed to Boothbay Harbor for afternoon refreshments, the fog and tide moved in.



3 thoughts on “Lee and Mike

  1. The reflexology labyrinth is interesting. More of a sensory journey. Prayers for a continuing safe trip. Great exhibit and opening at the YAA yesterday. Missed you.


  2. We visited the Maine Botanical gardens in July
    It was a day to remember, one I will hold dear.
    Such unique and varied specimens
    And imaginative use of space and hardscape
    Darimoscota oyster festival should be coming up soon as well
    Enjoyed your photos


  3. Hi, Janie,

    This is the Lee that is Deb’s sister, right?? Or am I way off? Another beautiful picture to paint…..of the fog rolling in.

    M >


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