Andrew and Betsy Wyeth

Andrew and Betsy Wyeth spent their summers in Maine, where artist and landscape merged and melded. The Olson farm is here, inspiration for over 300 paintings, including Christina’s World. The Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland began collecting Wyeth’s work early on, and currently has a special exhibition in honor of his 100th birthday. One of the featured paintings is his 1963 tempera, Her Room, with over a dozen studies displayed around the room that demonstrate his remarkable expertise as a draftsman. We were so enamored with the exhibition that we’ve extended our visit here so we can tour the Olson house on Wednesday. (Apologies for the blue/green glare seen on the painting below.)

Her Room
Her Room1963

Her Room 1



Olson House
Olson House, 1966

Olson House 1


Goodbye, My Love Study
Goodbye, My Love Study2008   Goodbye, My Love was Andrew Wyeth’s last painting.


4 thoughts on “Andrew and Betsy Wyeth

  1. I shared your enchantment with a place where an artist and his surroundings melded when I saw a retrospective of Andrew’s work at the Brandywine Museum last week. It is an enriching experience. Mary Anne


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