Penobscot Marine Museum

We’d heard good things about the Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport just north of Camden, and it turned out to be an interesting place to spend a dreary day. Housed in several buidings, it tells the stories of maritime businesses and merchant sea captains that made their homes and fortunes here.  History, art, and interactive exhibits wove a fascinating tale of life on the sea.

Penobscot Marine Museum

Ten percent of the nations merchant sea captains hailed from Searsport in the 19th century, and boat building was a booming business. More recently, controversy erupted when it became apparent that the waters that supplied the fishermen’s livelihood were being overfished. It was finally decided to follow the lead that lobstermen had already employed: throw back the smallest, the biggest, and egg bearing females. Spawning areas were declared off-limits and recovery is underway.

Fishermens gear

Ship models

The museum houses an impressive collection of James and Thomas Buttersworth paintings that attract visitors from all over the world.

3 thoughts on “Penobscot Marine Museum

  1. Great stuff guys, thanks for bringing back some trips of many years ago and for going to places like this marine museum that is new to us. Keep on enjoying, as we do vicariously. – Charlie

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  2. Apparently cod fish ate lobster eggs, balancing that population. With the overfishing of cod- they used great vacuum ships until it was almost too late, the lobster population began to grow. As cod is being nurtured back it’s not certain what will happen to the lobsters.

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