Helen and Scott Nearing


Helen and Scott Nearing were considered the gurus of the back-to-the-land movement in the 60’s and 70’s. They chronicled their journey from New York City to self sufficiency in Vermont and Maine in their books Living the Good Life and Continuing the Good Life. While we never ascribed to their vegetarian lifestyle, we did make a quasi attempt at the “good life” when we raised goats, bees, and blueberries on a 10-acre farm in Geneva NY. The Nearings built their last home, Forest Farm, in Harborside ME when Scott was in his 90’s and Helen in her 70’s. We made a pilgrimage to The Good Life Center whose mission is “advancing Helen and Scott Nearing’s commitment to social justice and simple living, and preserving their last hand-built home.”


Nearing House

Warren worked with the Nearing’s and continues to manage the farm.


The yurt built for visitors to stay in.

“In Maine, as in Vermont we made serious and various attempts to live at five levels: with nature; by doing our daily stint of bread labor; by carrying out our professional activities; by constant association with out fellow citizens; and by unremitting efforts to cultivate the life of the mind and spirit.”     – Man’s Search for the Good Life (1954/1974)


We have a friend who owns property near The Good Life Center, and graciously offered to let us camp there. It was an amazing spot –  secluded and quiet, and as the evening progressed, a stunning end of the day with loons calling in the distance. Thank you Les!


Sunset 1

Sunset 2

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