If you want to experience Acadia National Park, but without the crowds and the trappings of tourism, come to the Schoodic Peninsula. It’s Maine at its finest, with crashing waves, expansive vistas, and prime real estate being put to good use as a working waterfront. I’ll let the photos tell the story of this beautiful place.

Janie at Schoodic Point.jpg

Crashing waves.JPG

Resting on the rocks.jpg

Blueberry Hill.jpg

Corea ME.jpg

Corea Lobster Coop.jpg

Lobster Traps.jpg

The Lobster Pound in the tiny village of Corea was closing when we arrived (we’ll be back tomorrow), so we came home and fixed Curried Chicken and Cucumber Raita with side of Mango Chutney for dinner.

Russ fixing dinner.jpg

Chicken Curry.jpg

2 thoughts on “The Schoodic Peninsula

  1. We have a Maine trip planned next year so thanks for the tip!! We also have good friends that live in Maine!!
    You are so right…..it is beautiful!!!

    Looks like your Oliver is taking you to some awesome places. We hope to do the same in ours!!

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