Little Moose Island

I had suggested that with all the fog horns blowing, perhaps this wasn’t the ideal day for catching the sunrise. We had gotten up at 5:30 and were on our way to the top of Schoodic Head. “You gotta show up!” is Russ’ mantra, so off we went for what can only be called a soft sunrise. It was beautiful in a misty sort of way, as we stood alone on this highest point of the peninsula


Little Moose Island lies just east of Schoodic Point, and is accessible during low tide. We spent the morning exploring this magical place, listening to the lobster boats checking their traps far below, though the lingering mist made it impossible for us to see them.

Volcanic Rock.jpg

Little Moose Island1.jpg

Little Moose Island.jpg

Little Moose Island3.JPG

The vegetation brightened the landscape as fall begins to show its colors.







3 thoughts on “Little Moose Island

  1. Great pix of the “rock bound coast” – put me in mind of Winslow Homer’s late, highly abstract surf paintings. Fog horns often go all night up there, a weird lullaby.


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