Western Maine

We finally were able to drag ourselves away from the Maine coast, and find ourselves in western Maine, with an entire campground to ourselves.

Pine needles have been raining down on us ever since we got here.
Papoose Pond.JPG
Our site overlooks the pond

We spent a quiet morning at the campground, then headed to the Gem and Mineral Preview Museum in Bethel. Just a couple of rooms were open, but we found plenty to keep us interested. Note to self: come back next year when the entire museum is open!

We went home via a National Scenic Byway, a winding road east of the White Mountains that follows the Wild River. There are campgrounds and hiking trails all through the White Mountains National Forest, and we took our time enjoying the beauty of the river and the mountains.

Wild River.JPG

I was fascinated with this amazing bridge that connects to a hiking trail within the National Forest. It serves as a reminder that bridges, unlike walls, often give safe passage over and from dangerous circumstances, and can lead to beautiful places.


2 thoughts on “Western Maine

  1. Again a beautiful place in Maine and I’m enjoying traveling along.
    Looks like some color displays
    The bridge photos are beautiful and a wise metaphor


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