Rangeley ME

For anyone willing to endure the slog along the worse-than-a-dirt-road Route 17 from Rumford to Rangeley, a spot called The Height of Land offers a visual feast that replaces teeth rattling with jaw dropping.

Height of Land

We’ve been in Maine for most of a month, and have yet to lay eyes on a moose. Despite countless moose crossing signs and assurances that this is the right time of year/right time of day/right kind of weather for a sighting, the giant beast has yet to make a personal appearance. . Could moose actually be extinct, with locals perpetuating the moose myth just to keep the tourist trade healthy?

Moose sign.jpg

About the closest we’ve come to a moose (other than the huge head we saw mounted in the local grocery store) were these draft horses on hand for Rangeley’s Octoberfest.

Draft horses

As we hear of heartbreaking news both globally and from friends, we hope the photos we share offer some measure of comfort and connection to the beauty of wild places we all call home.

Flagstaff Lake

From Saddleback

Clouds over Rangeley Lake


6 thoughts on “Rangeley ME

  1. I once went moose hunting with a friend in Maine. We had a guide with us. The guide did moose calls and rattled antlers etc for four days as we walked through miles of forests in our search. No moose. On the fifth and last day before our license to hunt expired, the guide began to get calls from people on his cell phone. Suddenly the moose had appeared in apparent droves. My friend chose the oldest male to shoot. This moose was grazing In a field. My friend shot it as it lazily glanced up at us. I found the whole process including the killing of this lovely beast to be cruel and banal. The only redeeming element was that, after butchering the 852lb animal he distributed the meat through the little town he lived in so many people shared in it. I never went hunting again. Les Sent from my iPhone


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