The Ancient Adirondacks

About 25 years ago, Russ started climbing the 46 highest peaks of the ancient Adirondacks. Yesterday he knocked off two more, bringing his total to 38. It was a short but sweet visit to a place we frequented during the 25 years we lived in the Finger Lakes. Here’s some tidbits about this amazing park.

  • The largest park in the nation outside of Alaska
  • Comprised of 6 million acres (9,375 square miles – the size of Vermont) nearly half of which is protected by state constitution to remain “forever wild” forest preserve
  • Contains 85% of all wilderness in the eastern United States
  • Contains 3,000 ponds and lakes and 30,000 miles of rivers and streams
  • Contains the largest trail system in the nation with 2,000 miles of hiking trails

While Russ was climbing mountains, I poked around Lake Placid (population 2,500) and walked around Mirror Lake that borders it. It’s hard to imagine this tiny village hosting the winter Olympics in 1932 and 1980!

Fall wayside.jpg

When Russ was climbing mountains in the winter, I used to ski Whiteface.  Today it was shrouded most of the day.  The Olympic ski jump is in the foreground.

Shrouded Whiteface.jpg

The lovely Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid

Mirror Lake Inn.JPG


Lake Placid.jpg

Lake Placid2.jpg

River and leaves.jpg

Russ gets the gold medal for patience as he waits for me to take photos.

Russ waiting.jpg

5 thoughts on “The Ancient Adirondacks

  1. You have a great eye for taking pictures Janie
    so no need to feel guilty. Missed you both at the men’s group cookout at John and Karen’s house lovely evening. Incredibly warm and colorful in The Valleys of Pennsylvania

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  2. The photos are magnificent. As is the narrative. We were talking about the two of you tonight, here at the Reunion. We all agreed that you were doing the “right thing”, but we sure do miss you! See you next year near Philadelphia.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dear Janie and Russ

    Lake Placid and Adirondacks photos were super Wonderfull and gave me great memories of my stay there with Nancy and Janet. Last May I discovered a whole new world there. Thanks for sharing this ….


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  4. What a beautiful place!!! Great photos!! Glad you are able to stop and capture such beauty!!
    Congratulations on such an amazing goal in hiking/ climbing the highest peaks in the ancient Adirondacks….38 is quite impressive!!

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  5. Thanks for sharing your travels. Congrats on 38 mountains climbed in the adirondacks. You are amazing. Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

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