Skaneateles NY

The last leg of our trip found us in our beloved Finger Lakes visiting family and friends. Despite her busy schedule, Russ’ cousin Janet, who’s running for Town Supervisor, arranged a mini family reunion while we were there. Thank you Janet!


Russ’ mother grew up at Pine Grove Dairy, and the current owners (Karen and Greg) meticulously care for the property, as do the owners of the tenant house (Judy and Dan) where we used to live. We’re friends with both, and it’s such a joy to visit!

Pine Grove

Judy and Dan's

Pine Grove sign

Beautiful Lakeview Cemetery, where many of Russ and Janet’s relatives are buried.

Lakeview Cemetery

I love the old spigot still providing water for those who’ve placed planters on the graves, and the hornet’s nest that’s so perfectly camouflaged on this mausoleum.


Hornet's Nest

Sunday was a perfect day for walking down the lane behind the farm that leads to Guppy Falls.

The Lane

With rain and cold in the forecast, we headed home on Monday, giving Ollie a much-needed bath before tucking him away for a couple of months.

Washing Ollie

This has been a wonderful trip, taking us to places we didn’t even know we wanted to go. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of traveling this beautiful country of ours. Until next time…

“Oh east is east, and west is west, but north lies full and fair. And blest is he who follows free the road to anywhere.”        – Burt Leston Taylor

10 thoughts on “Skaneateles NY

  1. Ollie did a fine job. If only he could write on this blog. We all would like to read of Ollie’s impressions.
    We are all happy to read of the safe return of each of you. We’ve been blessed by the accounts and the photos of your incredible journey. Thank you, Janie and Russ. And thank you, Ollie.

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  2. Yes, thank you Janie for being the chief logistics director, navigator, tactician and historian on this grand adventure – all the while maintaining our good ship and stout crew in good health and high energy. It is a great pleasure to on-board with you!

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