Charleston SC

Have you ever wanted to stop and take a photo from one of those beautiful suspension bridges that you’re flying over at 60+ mph in 4 lanes of traffic?

Bridge from the truck.jpg

Charleston has made that possible with the construction of the Arthur Ravenel Bridge that spans the Cooper River. Pedestrian and bike lanes can be accessed from the Mt. Pleasant Visitor Center, and the 5-mile round trip has just enough inclines to make you feel like you’ve had a nice workout. (Thanks for the tip, Dianne and Tony!)

Foggy aircraft carrier.JPG
 The USS Yorktown, the famous WWII aircraft carrier, makes it home here. The mists of time seem to be enveloping it on this foggy day.

At the top.jpg

Bridge from a distance.jpg
View from the other side

With weather looking iffy, we opted for a 90-minute guided bus tour of the city, followed by a look around the Charleston Museum.

Gullah basket weaver.jpg
This Gullah woman’s mother and grandmother started teaching her how to make sweetgrass baskets when she was ten years old.
Sweet grass baskets.jpg
32 years of experience yields these beautiful results.

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