Summerville SC

After a scrumptious brunch at the Old Village Post House with a friend who lives in this area, we opted to check out the nearby town of Summerville.  My brother-in-law, who hails from the UK, refers to sweet tea as the southerner’s table wine, so Barry, this one’s for you!

Birthplace of Sweet Tea.jpg

Cotton and rice were the dominant crops around here, but there were also tea plantations that prided themselves in a distinctive product that southerners have embraced. Laced with plenty of sugar and lots of ice, just about every eating establishment in the south offers sweet tea as their drink of choice, with various iterations making their way onto merchants’ shelves.

Sweet Tea Jelly.jpg

We couldn’t pass up a stop at Summerville’s oldest continuously operating business, Guerin’s Pharmacy, to take advantage of their sweet tea special.

As we were poking around town, we came across this beauty!  The first car I ever owned (circa 1967) was a ’56 Chevy like this one, but mine was chartreuse and black.

56 Chey

It’s been a wonderful visit in the Charleston area, enhanced by the loveliness of James Island County Park where we’ve been staying.  We’ll be back!

Fishing Pier.JPG



8 thoughts on “Summerville SC

  1. Sounds like you are enjoying your trip! Larry and I are visiting Rachael and RJ in Bradenton and will visit Sylvia and Les and another couple before flying to San Juan next Saturday to take a 2 week cruise… Safe Travels…

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  2. Really enjoyed this. Sweet tea was a requirement for my granddaughter’s college choice along with a good football team. Lest you think she’s not academic oriented, she’s on dean’s list :). She graduates this May from UGA.

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  3. Hmmm….another thing we have in common….my third car was a 56 Chevy 210, green, four door, six cylinder, three speed. It leaked more oil than used gas 🙂 Safe travels, Jim

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  4. Gracie just called me up to help her use the bathroom (she pooped!) and while I was putting her jammies back on she started repeating “Nana and Pops!” She was grinning ear to ear, and so was I. I whispered to her “The love you very much”. It looks like your trip is going great so far, I loved the Oak Tree.

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