St. Helena Island

Gullah Doll.JPG
Gullah Doll

We came to St. Helena Island to learn more about the Gullah/Geechee culture, and what better day to do that than Martin Luther King day?  We went to the Gullah/Geechee Visitor Center – CLOSED.  So we tried the Penn Central African American Cultural Center – CLOSED.  The art galleries in the beautiful little town of Beaufort were a nice consolation, and we decided to come back tomorrow when the temps are a bit warmer and we can ride our bikes on their 6 mile Spanish Moss Trail.

Beaufort waterfront.jpg
The Beaufort Waterfront
Bridge to St. Helena Island
View of the bridge to St. Helena Island from Beaufort

We had wanted to camp at Hunting Island State Park, but back-to-back hurricanes (Matthew and Irma) were a 1-2 punch that has devastated much of the park and most of the campground, which is still closed for repairs.  They have wonderful trails all through the park, but the hurricanes have left their mark.

Beach Damage.jpg
The beach at Hunting Island State Park
Ocean and still waters.jpg
Still water meets ocean waves at Hunting Island State Park

There are miles and miles of salt marshes in this area that serve as the “nursery of the sea.”  Newborns that are hatched in off-shore waters are brought here by the tides where they can mature in a relatively safe environment before making their way to the ocean.

Sunset across the salt marsh.JPG

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