Savannah GA

Ah, Savannah – a city of quiet southern charm laid out in a friendly grid, with beautiful squares providing bursts of natural beauty every few blocks. It’s great to stroll the streets, but not when the breeze is brisk and  temps are well below average (last night it was 24º). This sign is posted on all the water spigots in our campground.

Freeze Warning.jpg

Girl scouting played a huge part of my life, and Savannah is the birthplace of its founder, Juliette Gordon Low. We headed for a nice warm tour of “Daisy’s” home, only to find that it’s closed during January for it’s annual cleaning.

JGL sign (1).jpg

A quick stop for coffee (well, a chai latte and hot chocolate) and we came up with plan B: The Telfair Museums (art, history, and architecture). One of the exhibitions featured art and technology, which included a virtual reality experience – fabulous!

Radiance 1.JPG
Radiance by Max Almy and Teri Yarbrow
It’s always interesting to see who shows up in art galleries. These were the folks on our tour.
In Magnolia Gardens.jpg
In Magnolia Gardens by Alfred Hober Hutty c. 1945

We topped off the day with a 3-mile walk along some of the beautiful trails in the park where we’re camping.



8 thoughts on “Savannah GA

  1. Hope it warms up soon. Savannah is a lovely city. We stayed at the Hampton Inn in town last year. Amazing to look out our window and see the large ships traveling the Savannah river!

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  2. Ditto on all the praise for Savannah! Great town for walking and wandering. Like many east coast ports they just finished dredging so they can accommodate the bigger ships that can now come thru the enlarged Panama Canal.

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