Savannah’s Low Country

Today was a traveling day for us, but we had time to visit the nearby Pin Point Heritage Museum. We’ve camping at Skidaway Island State Park, and Pin Point lies right across the Moon River, named after the song written by Savannah son, Johnny Mercer. The words to that song ring true for Russ and me – “Two drifters off to see the world.  There’s such a lot of world to see.”

Moon River sign.jpg

Moon River.jpg

In the early 1950s, nearby Hilton Head Island had a population of only 300, and the people who lived there were mostly descendants of freed slaves. Pin Point is one of the last Gullah/Geechee communities that hasn’t succumbed to developers. Here you can see restored buildings of the thriving oyster and blue crab business that sustained this area from 1926 to 1985, and hear the stories of those who live and worked in this close-knit community.

Gail, our guide.jpg

Pin Point Heritage Museum.jpg

OK folks, it’s time to test your oyster IQ! You can answer in the comments, or play along quietly. I’ll post the answers tomorrow.

Oyster IQ.jpg

2 thoughts on “Savannah’s Low Country

  1. Me too. I like eating oysters but the questions are only for big guessing and so I look forward to the answers too. What a great place Savannah. I know it only too from the song …

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