Kennedy Space Center

I’m no techie, but yesterday’s visit to Kennedy Space Center was out of this world!



“Always shoot for the moon, because even if you miss, you’re going to land somewhere among the stars.” – Gene Cernan, Astronaut – Gemini and Apollo missions

Six hours isn’t enough to see this technological wonder, but we started with the bus tour to the Apollo/Saturn V Center, with a drive-by of several launch pads and the massive 129 million cubic feet Vehicle Assembly Building. This structure is so enormous (525 feet high, 716 feet long and 518 feet wide) that it requires a special ventilation system to prevent clouds and rain inside the building.

Vehicle Assembly Building.jpg
The flag is 21 stories high, with each star 6 feet across and the stripes 8.5 feet wide

The Apollo program took us to the moon in what seemed like an impossible undertaking when it was first announced in 1961. Today that same kind of vision and focus is steering us to Mars in 2030.

“The first humans who will step on Mars are walking the earth today.” – NASA

The shuttle program took up where the Apollo program left off, transporting components to help build the International Space Station that circles our earth every 90 minutes, as well as other vital missions like repairing the Hubble telescope. Atlantis, NASA’s fourth flown shuttle, was in service for 26 years and flew 33 missions. Every time “she launched as a rocket, flew as a spaceship, and landed as a glider.”


Shuttle launch vehicle.jpg
The shuttle launch vehicle.  Can you spot Russ in this photo?

Even if you don’t think you’re interested in science, check out NASA’s website.

The Rocket Garden

6 thoughts on “Kennedy Space Center

  1. wow what a grand time you are having, So glad you made it to Pinpoint wasn’t it a terrific little museum,really captured the sense of community.

    The NASA center is someplace I hope to visit with Caitlin’s daughter,Lupin. She wears a NASA shirt all the time and wants to be an astronaut.

    I see Russ, I imagine you were feeling very teeny tiny in that garden of rockets.

    Blog and pictures are fantastic as always.

    My brother and his wife are in York visiting with me and they were expounding how I would love St Mary’s. I would love to experience sometime soon.

    Fun travels to you and Russ!!!!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lisa, you and Lupin will love it! There’s so many interactive displays to engage adults and children. We saw a film of a woman astronaut who visited KSC when she was a kid (they had photos of her there) Her dream of becoming an astronaut came true – I hope Lupin’s does too!


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