Everglades City FL

Another wonderful day of connecting with friends from home! Jim and Joanne are camping just a few sites down from us, and today we spent the day exploring and enjoying wild (and warm!) Florida.


From 1906 to 1982, the Ted Smallwood store served as a trading post to the people who make their home in and around the 10,000 islands near Chokoloskee Island. It’s now a museum, filled with tales and memorabilia that inform, delight, and amaze.

Smallwood Store.jpg

Smallwood Store Interior.jpg

Susie Billie, Shaman of Seminole Nation (Artist: Camille Brock Baumgartner, 1993).JPG
Susie Billie, Shaman of Seminole (Artist Carmille Brock Baumgartner 1993)

After a stop at the Museum of the Everglades, Joanne and I split off for lunch at a quirky restaurant whose name I don’t even know, while Russ and Jim headed for the Havana Café down the road a few miles.


We spent much of the afternoon at the Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve among the old growth bald cypress trees where I was introduced to the Strangle Fig. This amazing tree begins as an air plant when its seed lands in the top of a tree. This ungrateful guest then proceeds to strangle its host until its roots reach the ground, at which time it changes from an epiphyte (air plant) to a terrestrial plant.

Strangle Fig.jpg






2 thoughts on “Everglades City FL

  1. Glad that you are enjoying yourselves, Janie and Russ. We spent many winters in Florida, so enjoying your photos and blog. Fakahatchee Strand was one of Chuck’s old stomping grounds near The Everglades. Lots of beautiful places down there. You may want to check out Loop Road, a lovely drive which goes through cypress strands. The Florida Hiking trail begins off Loop Road.


    1. Thanks for the tips, Anne. We’re really enjoying our stay in this area. We’ll be at Long Pine Key next week.

      Are you traveling now? Would love to hear about your Alaskan adventure when we get home.

      Janie (and Russ)

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